If you intend to launch a website or upgrade your existing one, then you know that you need the services of a domain hosting provider. Today, there are many service providers, and if you do not take time to carry out due diligence, you may end up picking the wrong provider, which will harm your overall business. Different companies which you can choose from offer various tiers of services. Therefore, you need to have several questions appropriately answered, like do you need a shared hosting service suffice? Do you need a dedicated server, or if you would rather specialize in a WordPress hosting? To start with, you need to understand the difference between all the services at your disposal.

Before anything else, we will explain to you the difference between the three services and how each works. With the information, you will better understand what services will suit your needs and situation, and which company’s services you should hire.

1.    The shared hosting

Shared hosting is the least expensive of the three widely used services. It works just as its name suggests. Users share a server that is provided by their hosting company. Users who are best suited for this type of service are those don’t have huge traffic on their site. Also if you are expecting traffic in future, you can opt for it. In this type of service, there is a limitation of the disk space and available bandwidth. In the event you surpass your bandwidth and disk space, you will have to incur a cost. If you’re looking to grow your business from humble beginnings, then this is where you should start.

2.    Dedicated hosting

When a client buys a dedicated hosting package, they are buying a dedicated server for their website. This, you will not share with any other business. If your site has heavy traffic or is expecting to have much in the near future, then you should prefer choosing this package. One drawback of this kind of hosting is that is more expensive, but the benefits out way the drawbacks.

3.    VPS hosting

Various cloud hosting companies have a hybrid option known as VPS which stands for Virtual Private Server. They are more like a dedicated server that is found in the shared hosting environment. VPS is cheaper than dedicated servers hosting and also it provides the same bandwidth and storage space just like the dedicated server.

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